Adult ARTLab: Drypoint Etching with Lesley Patterson-Marx

Selected date

Saturday January 23

Selected time

1:00 PM  –  5:00 PM


Adult ARTLabDrypoint Etching 

with Lesley Patterson-Marx 



In this workshop with teaching artist Lesley Patterson-Marx, students will explore drypoint etching, with works in the exhibition Albrecht Dürer: The Age of Reformation and Renaissance as their inspiration. Drypoint etching is a type of intaglio printmaking, where the design is incised or etched into a surface with a special stylus. Prints are made by pushing ink into these sunken lines and then applying heavy pressure to transfer the design to paper. Students will deepen their understanding of Durer’s process as they create their own etchings. They will also have the opportunity to produce multiples of an image while experimenting with inking variations.